Maintenance and Energy Services

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The Role of Maintenance and Energy Services

Provide skilled trade services to maintain existing University infrastructure, buildings, equipment, utilities and energy systems.

This group supplies carpentry, plumbing, electrical, locksmith, H.V.A.C., and other maintenance services to ensure the continued operation of building systems. Building heating and cooling systems are maintained and programmed by mechanical and controls staff. This maintenance includes the planning for preventative maintenance and energy conservation. All maintenance is executed according to University standards in cooperation with Design, Engineering and Construction (DEC). 

The group is also responsible for the operation of the University’s Central Utilities Plant (CUP). The CUP ensures an uninterrupted supply of steam and chilled water to University building systems. The CUP also delivers compressed air services and a variety of water treatments for campus use.

Maintenance and Energy Services is comprised of several specialized departments:

Structural Shop
Mechanical Shop
Electrical Shop
Refrigeration Equipment Maintenance
Controls Shop
Locksmith Shop
Building Mechanic Shop
Central Utilities Plant

Maintenance and Energy Services will:

  • Establish standard maintenance practices and processes for Guelph campus facilities.
  • Perform regular maintenance and general repairs to existing building systems and replacement of defective equipment.
  • Perform preventive maintenance at regular intervals.
  • Perform emergency maintenance in response to unexpected equipment breakdowns, building component failures or vandalism.
  • Ensure the ongoing development of a maintenance program and preventive maintenance program.
  • Work with DEC to ensure that proposed designs for new and renovated facilities will achieve heightened energy efficiency.
  • Maintain building systems as per manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • Plan and coordinate facility system downtime for the performance of maintenance, modifications or repair work. Work is performed with minimal or no disruption to building occupants.
  • Perform all work in a manner consistent with local, provincial and federal code compliance of equipment and building systems.
  • Provide managerial supervision to ensure quality, completeness and conformity of technical work performed by external contractors.
  • Provide support for and servicing of facility and building systems and/or equipment owned by and dedicated for use by individual departments.
  • Provide professional advice on the selection of equipment needed or requested by departments.
  • Promote energy savings and environmental initiatives.
  • Provide events support on a cost recovery basis.
  • Provide project support by way of trades services (i.e., plumbing, electrical, carpentry etc.) when resources are available.