Snow Removal Information

If snow removal, salting or sanding of any of the following specific locations is required:

Please email 

E-mail a Snow Removal Issue/Request (request form)

  • Walkways
  • Stairs
  • Door entrance areas
  • Parking lots
  • Loading dock areas

Snow removal priorities are outlined below.

Physical Resources, Snow Removal Policy

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Effective Date: December, 2008
Revision Date: December, 2013
Signature/Position: Vice-President, Finance and Administration

Snow Removal Objective

Throughout the winter months, it is an objective of Physical Resources to reduce snow and ice hazards on main campus sidewalks, steps, ramps, curb cuts, roadways and parking lots. Walkways have ice preventative applied in the morning and throughout the day as required. Access to selected University walkways and stairways will be restricted during the winter months to facilitate an increase in the frequency of snow and ice removal performed on unrestricted walkways and stairways.

Order of priority for snow removal:
1. Fire routes including escape doors and stairways, and bus routes.
2. Sidewalks, ramps, curb cuts and parking stalls used by individuals with disabilities.
3. Roads and parking lots.
4. Sidewalks and main building entrances.

Note: It may take several days to remove a substantial buildup of snowfall from areas which are not able to be cleared using normal snow removal techniques i.e. shovelling or plowing. Questions or concerns regarding snow and ice removal may be submitted by emailing or by completing a Snow Removal Survey which is available for download and submission on the University of Guelph, Diversity and Human Rights website at

Heavy Snow Accumulation While the University is Open:

In the event of a heavy snowfall while the University is open, during both regular hours and after hours, it is recommended that faculty, staff and students take public transportation. If this is not possible it is also recommended that faculty, staff and students park their vehicles in parking lots which will receive the highest level of maintenance: P10, P12, P23, P24, P26, P30, P31. A map indicating all parking lot locations is posted on the University of Guelph website at:

Heavy Snow Accumulation in Residence Student Overnight Parking Lots:

In the event of a large snow accumulation in residence student overnight lots due to one heavy snowfall, or repeated snowfalls, a total clearing of the lots will be required.

Responsibility of the Grounds Department, Parking Services and Residence Administration:

The Grounds Manager (or designate) in consultation with the Manager, Parking Services (or designate) notifies the Assistant Director, Student Housing Services (or designate) when a total clear out of residence student parking lots is required.      

The Assistant Director, Student Housing Services coordinates twenty-four (24) hour advance notification to students specifying the requirement that all vehicles in residence student overnight parking lots be moved to assigned lots until snow removal operations are complete.

Responsibility of Residence Students:

Upon receiving 24 hour notification, students shall move their vehicles from residence student overnight parking lots to temporary lots outlined below by 6:00 pm of the next day and returned to their regular overnight lot by 8:00 am the following morning. Tow trucks will assist with vehicle removal if necessary at the owner’s expense.

Temporary Residence Student Overnight Parking Lots

Vehicles in P13, P17, and P18 will move to P12, P14 and P15. Vehicles in P19 will move to P23 and P24. Any vehicle that has not been moved will be towed at the owner’s expense.