Physical Resources Emergency Services

By Phone

Phone the Work Order Desk at (519) 824-4120,  Ext. 53854

Emergency Maintenance and Cleaning Services 

  • Responding to flood situations, performing shutdowns to prevent further property damage, and initiating dry out protocols

  • Emergency repairs  

  • Safety concerns such as electrical hazards, cleanup of broken glass, bodily fluids etc.
  • Key cutting and lock repairs required to maintain security

In Case of Fire:

  1. Activate the nearest fire alarm
  2. Evacuate the building immediately
  3. Do not use the elevator
  4. Telephone 2000 to relay further information
  5. Report to the attending fire/police officials

In Case of a Fire Alarm:

  1. Evacuate the building immediately
  2. Do not use the elevators
  3. Do not re-enter until authorized by a fire/police official

University of Guelph Alert
Be Added to the U of G Alert Notification System
It's an easy way to stay informed during an emergency