Structural Shop

The Role of the Structural Shop

Maintain, modify and repair existing building and facility structure and building fabrics.

Structural Shop will:

  • Repair doorways, shelving, and historical and/or valuable tables and other furniture
  • Refinish historical and/or valuable furniture and build shelves and shelving units as required or requested
  • Repair interior/exterior holes, cracks, water damage, mold and other building damage
  • Repair exterior building features, including eaves troughs, concrete floors and steps
  • Perform minor roof repairs
  • Perform and manage small scale flooring installation and repair, including small carpet repair
  • Mount building fixtures (soap dispensers, towel bars, brackets, mirrors, etc.)
  • Replace damaged glass, plexiglass and screens on campus windows and greenhouses
  • Provide, repair and replace ceiling tiles, drywall, T-bar ceilings, ceramic wall tiling and bathroom partitions as necessary
  • Minor repairs to furniture in research laboratories. All such furniture must meet the standards established by Design, Engineering and Construction
  • Provide and install interior signs, whiteboards, corkboards and video screens
  • Manage the installation, removal and/or storage of window air conditioning units
  • Maintain an inventory of interior building materials (carpet, tile, etc.) for future minor building repairs
  • Manage the outsourcing of all overhead door systems

Limited Paint Services

  • Paint hand rails, window frames, walls, furniture, shelving, etc. of a limited scope 

Note: With the exception of painting for non-residence vandalism, leaks and other damage, and painting included in the capital plan, painting will be conducted on a cost recovery basis