Physical Resources Services

By Phone - For Emergency Situations Only

Phone the Work Order Desk at 519-824-4120,  Exttension: 53854

Online (Routine Requests)

Log in and submit a Work Order Entry online

E-mail (Routine Requests)

E-mail the Work Order Desk at

E-mail a Cleaning Request

E-mail a Snow Removal Issue/Request

Submit a Request to Move Furniture, Furnishings or Equipment

Sumbit an Event Rental Request

Emergency maintenance services include the following:

  • Responding to flood situations, performing shutdowns to prevent further property damage, and initiating dry out protocols 
  • Emergency repairs and safety concerns such as electrical hazards, power outages etc.

  • Key cutting and lock repairs required to maintain security

Routine Maintenance, Repair Work and Services Include:

  • air conditioning and heating
  • building structural and infrastructure defects
  • cleaning
  • electrical defects, lighting
  • groundskeeping
  • materials handling
  • keys and locks
  • electronic access card readers
  • plumbing/pipe-fitting
  • refrigeration
  • snow and ice removal
  • waste management and recycling

Service Categories

  • routine maintenance and repair services
  • routine custodial services and waste management
  • emergency maintenance and repairs
  • emergency custodial services
  • electronic access
  • grounds maintenance
  • supply and distribution of utilities on campus
  • minor renovations
  • major renovations
  • capital projects
  • space requests