Construction Co-ordination

The Role of Construction Co-ordination

Direct all aspects of the construction phase of a capital or renovation project on University property.

Construction Co-ordination will:

  • Monitor construction for general compliance with contract documents. Staff ensure applicable codes, standards and legislative requirements related to safety and construction methods are followed.
  • Direct the work of external contractors. 
  • Ensure schedules and deadlines are met through careful coordination.
  • Monitor costs and implement cost control measures to keep projects on budget or to justify budget increases.
  • Ensure construction sites are clean and safe, protected by appropriate signage and hoarding.
  • Administer contracts, authorize contract payments, determine necessary changes to the work and approve costs.
  • Implement policy and procedures for cost effective, efficient and safe management of construction and maintenance work.
  • Validate discovered conditions to ensure they are handled properly (e.g., unknown hidden damage, asbestos, lead paint, etc.).
  • Respond to after-hours construction related emergencies.
  • At the turnover stage, ensure that new construction has been properly commissioned and maintenance staff have been trained.

Communication and Liaison Services

  • Liaise with the University community, clients, architects, engineers, other consultants and inspection agencies before, during and after construction.
  • Provide updates to project stakeholders on current progress.
  • Communicate anticipated construction related disturbances, including; service interruptions, road, sidewalk and parking closures and disturbances.
  • Arrange move-in times in conjunction with project management.