Building Mechanic Shop

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The Role of the Building Mechanic Shop

The first to respond to most common building problems, inspecting problems, setting up any necessary safety precautions. Staff repair or assign the repair to other trades as required.

Building Mechanics and Millwrights will:

  • Perform general and preventative building system maintenance such as replacing filters and belts and greasing running components.
  • Schedule and perform regular and emergency utility shut-downs as required.
  • Perform minor plumbing, electrical and structural repairs.
  • Perform daily inspections of all building mechanical rooms.
  • Perform life safety system inspections and tests (eye wash stations, safety showers etc. ).
  • Manage the cleaning of grease traps, furnaces and other such devices.
  • Manage and maintain services to residence and rental homes on campus.
  • Provide regular qualified maintenance service for athletic pools and recreational hot tubs to ensure water quality.
  • Manage seasonal building transitions between heating and cooling.
  • Act as a building reference and guide for third-party contractors.
  • Provide daily after-hours maintenance services (until midnight), through police dispatch.