Obtaining Supplies

Inquiries and orders may be done in person, by telephone at extension 52469 or by emailing the Physical Resources Stockroom at

Charging Method

Note: Materials, Parts and Supplies are provided on a charge back basis. Departmental codes and authorization are required for all orders.

The Stockroom inventories over 6,000 different parts and supplies primarily for the maintenance services provided by Physical Resources trades staff. A small inventory of supplies which are used by other University departments, on a continual or daily basis, are also available to all University departments.

Friendly and knowledgeable staff field enquiries and provide advice on obtaining parts and supplies not readily available from the Stockroom.

Directions to the Physical Resources Stockroom

Stockroom Services

  • maintains the inventory of all parts used in the general maintenance of the University's buildings and equipment.
  • receives parts and supplies ordered by Physical Resources including special orders - delivery by Materials Handling may be requested. 
  • informs and advises customers concerning parts and supplies, and where and how parts not stocked by the Stockroom can be obtained.

Stockroom Hours of Operation

The Stockroom is open Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.
For information on materials, parts and supplies call 52469. To obtain parts or supplies go directly to the Stockroom.

Stockroom Inventory

  • a limited selection of cleaning supplies such as paper towels, garbage bags, chemical cleaners and brooms for individual department use.
  • construction, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and refrigeration parts such as hinges, fasteners, wire, fixtures and pipes.
  • safety supplies such as dust masks, respirators, chemical safety suits, flags, and first aid kits.

University of Guelph First Aid Program and First Aid Kit Information