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Clerical staff perform the following:

  • Provide general administrative support for the Physical Resources directorate.
  • Process Work Requests through the Work Order system.
  • Support the communication needs of the directorate.
  • Process Work Requests through the Work Order system.
  • Arrange service interruptions and utility shutdowns.

Frequent questions:

  • "We need to verify that the Work Order put in by our department has been processed."

Questions about cost, categorizing or billing procedures involved with your department's repairs, maintenance or renovations? Call 53854

Accounting staff perform the following:

  • Implement operating, capital and renovation budgets.

Frequent questions:

  • "How much money is left in our department's renovation project budget?"
  • "Our department needs some assistance with payment and invoice problems."

Stockroom staff perform the following:

  • Maintain the inventory of all parts used in the general maintenance of the University's buildings and equipment.
  • Receive parts and supplies ordered by Physical Resources including special orders.
  • Order and stock a limited quantity of parts and supplies for University departments upon request
  • Inform and advise customers concerning parts and supplies, and where and how parts not stocked by the Stockroom can be obtained.

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Materials Handling staff perform the following:

  • Provide on-campus delivery and moving services including on-campus small office moves, on-campus furniture and equipment moves
  • Rental and delivery of staging, tables and chairs
  • Special events setup

To obtain Materials Handling services call 53854 at least 48 hours notice is preferred.

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Transportation Services

Transportation Services provides a full range of repair and service functions for U of G owned vehicles and motorized equipment. They also includes the services provided by Materials Handling. University owned vehicles undergo regular maintenance and repairs in U of G's Vehicle Services Building off Powerhouse Lane. Licensed mechanics are equipped to service most licensed U of G vehicles and non-licensed motorized equipment repairs right on campus.

Transportation Services staff perform the following:

  • Gasoline and diesel fuel dispensing
  • Helping determine vehicle requirements and specializations for departments
  • Preventative maintenance and repair of most licensed U of G vehicles and non-licensed motorized equipment right on campus
  • Service calls
  • Coordinating vehicle licensing and insurance
  • Coordinating vehicle replacement for departments
  • Coordinating vehicle rentals for departments

For details about obtaining a departmental vehicle, call 52256. Services are provided on a charge back basis.

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  • Maintain soft landscaping
  • Maintain sports fields
  • Outdoor waste management
  • Snow and Ice removal
  • Indoor and outdoor pest control

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