Physical Resources builds, operates, and maintains the physical assets of the University and provides quality customer service. The Directorate is comprised of five areas of specialization which provide support services to the entire Campus.
These include: Business Operations (Finance, Grounds, Custodial, Parking, Transportation Services), Design, Engineering and Construction, Maintenance and Energy Services.

Alternate formats of information and documentation and communication supports can be requested by emailing the Work Order Desk at wo@pr.uoguelph.ca 

Be Alerted of an Emergency at the U of G Campus . . .

All U of G members, visitors, contractors and service providers are encouraged to register contact details with
U of G Alert to stay easy to reach during an emergency.

U of G Alert

Contact Us

Main Office: J. C. Hersey Bldg. 060
117 College Ave. E. Guelph,
Ontario N1G 2W1
(On Hersey Lane)

Phone: (519) 824-4120
Ext. 53854
Fax: (519) 837-0581

Web site questions/concerns
contact: Vicki Shearer
Email: duck@pr.uoguelph.ca