Architectural Design (Planning)

The Role of Architectural Design (Planning)

Provide design, consulting, and technical support for renovations, interior design, landscape design, space planning, furniture, and finish specifications.

Architectural Design will:

  • Manage and develop alteration and renovation plans and budgets, based on provided needs assessments or given client objectives
  • Participate in the building project committee process, including stakeholder reviews, for new construction as requested, including furniture and finishes
  • Provide architectural working drawings, specifications and tendering of construction projects
  • Perform classroom audits to determine deterioration in finishes, lighting, window coverings, etc. and administer, facilitate and prioritize classroom repairs and expenditures
  • Facilitate surveys, design and develop landscaping and fencing with input from the Landscape Advisory Committee
  • Minor repair solutions implementation. Provide guards, concrete, roads, sidewalk and pavement repair
  • As requested by departments, provide future needs assessments for program and space needs. Perform furniture inventories and planning to rework existing system furniture
  • Provide move and phase planning, moving departments and/or offices from one space to another
  • Facilitate interior and exterior painting. Provide interior and permanent exterior signage

Health, Safety and Accessibility Services

  • Manage the Demand Maintenance Health and Safety budget, initiating, managing and prioritizing improvements based on recommendations from the Environmental Health and Safety Department
  • Perform building and space audits and stakeholder reviews for Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Initiate and coordinate annual hoist and lift inspections
  • Assist in the development of accessibility facilities’ budget, design and implementation

Standards and Permit Services

  • Develop, approve and implement University standards for furniture, finishes and interior/exterior signage
  • Consult with the City of Guelph regarding zoning, city plan building permits and by-laws
  • Facilitate building permits for temporary tents for major campus events (ex. Convocation)
  • Document University furniture inventories and finishes to establish building or departmental standards