Project Work

Project Requests and Work Estimates

Request a project or a work estimate by emailing
Note:Please be prepared to provide your department's GL coding when you submit a work request.

For information regarding the phases, activities and time line of a typical project, email

Project Definitions

Minor Renovations: Cost is $5,000 or Less.

Major Renovations: Cost is between $5,000 and $500,000.

Services provided:

  • calling tender
  • construction
  • designing
  • estimating
  • planning

Capital Projects: Cost is over $500,000.

Services Provided:

  • planning
  • budget estimating
  • preliminary program

To initiate a capital project, prepare a statement of need for submission to the appropriate Vice-President. Upon approval, projects are added to the University's prioritized list of capital projects.
Costs are charged to project accounts. However, prioritized capital funding requests are submitted annually to the Ministry of Education and Training.

Space Requests

Services Provided:

  • interior design
  • renovation cost budgeting