Transportation Services

Procedure to be followed for Automobile Incident Reporting

The Role of Transportation Services

Licensed mechanics perform a full range of repairs and services on University-owned vehicles and motorized equipment. Maintenance and repairs are performed on campus in the Vehicle Services Building. Also included is the servicing of electric utility vehicles, lawnmowers, lifts, small machinery. Assistance is available for departments purchasing vehicles required to perform University business. For details about obtaining or servicing a departmental vehicle, call 52256. Services are provided on a charge back basis.

Transportation Services provides the following services for University owned vehicles: 

  • Provide quarterly maintenance and annual inspections for vehicles.
  • Provide gasoline and diesel, lubricant and fuel dispensing services.
  • Assist departments with determining appropriate vehicle replacements and requirements.
  • Approve, provide and install aftermarket equipment for vehicles.
  • Ensure records and logbooks for all vehicle maintenance, repairs and inspections are retained by departments.
  • Maintain all current vehicle licensing, registration and insurance for vehicles.

University of Guelph Licensed Vehicle Policy and Associated Documents

For information regarding the following documents contact Transportation Services at or extension 52473.

1.2.25 - University of Guelph Licensed Vehicles Policy

  • Appendix A - Commercial Vehicle Operator's Registration (CVOR) System.
  • Associated Procedure: 1.2.25 A - Declaring a Vehicle/Trailer Unsafe to Operate.

1.2.25 - Licensed Vehicles: Associated Forms, Documents

  • University of Guelph Vehicle Incident Report
  • University of Guelph Illness or Injury Incident Report  (posted on EHS website).
  • University of Guelph Faculty & Staff Driver Profile Information
  • University of Guelph Student & Volunteer Use of University Owned or Leased Licensed Vehicles Approval Form 
  • University of Guelph Fleet Vehicle Daily Circle Check
  • Appendix A - Commercial Vehicle Operator's Registration (CVOR) System
  • MTO Daily CVOR Inspection Sheets
  • University of Guelph Transportation of Dangerous Goods Policy - PDF (posted on EHS website).
  • University of Guelph Request to Purchase a Vehicle to be Added to the University of Guelph Fleet