Space and Facility Renewal

The Role of Space and Facility Renewal

The physical planning and space management of University facilities to ensure efficient and effective space utilization and strategic facilities renewal.

Space Management will:

  • Manage, analyze and report the use of campus space.
  • Communicate space standards to the University community. Standards which impact renovation projects, major additions, move and phase planning and capital planning initiatives.
  • Coordinate space utilization in accordance with the University’s Integrated Plan.
  • Manage the space database and accurately report space information to University administration and to the Council of Ontario Universities.
  • Conduct space audits of all academic departments and University administrative units to ensure that space data is current and accurate..
  • Maintain and update the inventory of facility CAD floor plan drawings to ‘as-built’ condition.
  • Coordinate the Campus Master Plan update process.

Facility Renewal will:

  • Conduct the management, analysis and reporting of campus facilities’ deferred maintenance and capital renewal.
  • Undertake facility condition inspections to ascertain the condition of all facilities on campus.
  • Conduct cyclical facility condition assessments, inspecting 20% of campus facilities annually and each facility every five years. Conduct complete infrastructure audits every five years.
  • Manage the facility condition database. perform initial building facility risk assessments and steer facility deferred maintenance and renewal planning
  • Communicate deferred maintenance funding requirements and priorities to senior Physical Resources management.
  • Assist in the prioritization and coordination of deferred maintenance and facility renewal projects.
  • Participate in the annual Capital Budget Planning process. Staff present data, priorities and recommendations to senior Physical Resources management.