Central Utilities Plant

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The Role of the Central Utilities Plant

Safely and efficiently provide and maintain all utilities to the campus utilities network.

Central Utilities Plant will:

  • Ensure all utility systems operate in compliance with applicable regulations and standards.
  • Manage contracts with public utilities for the supply of natural gas, electricity and domestic water. This is done in conjunction with Finance and Administration, and the Director of Maintenance and Energy Services.

Steam Distribution System

  • Operate high pressure steam distribution network and its components, maintain boilers and header pressure.
  • Provide the heating media for the University campus steam distribution network in an efficient manner and without interruption.
  • Operate and maintain boilers and related equipment.
  • Provide compressed air service to the campus, maintain air filters, refrigerated air dryers and compressors.

Chilled Water System

  • Operate centralized chilled water system, components, pumps and cooling towers.
  • Treat chilled water to minimize corrosion and bacteria/algae growth.
  • Maintain header pressure and temperature. Manage the loading and activation of chillers to reduce peak energy consumption and maintain building temperatures at comfortable levels.

Utility Backup Systems Maintenance

  • Maintain backup generator systems for Central Utilities Plant and some surrounding buildings. Including steam turbine generator for boiler backup.
  • Maintain emergency generator systems based on the manufacturer's documented maintenance requirements. This is done in conjunction with the Electrical Shop to define additional maintenance standards, validate proper operation and ensure ongoing control.
  • Maintain an oil reserve as a natural gas backup.

Special Water Systems

  • Provide high quality reverse osmosis water for boiler feedwater and cooling tower condenser water.
  • Operate and maintain three wells and related pump equipment to provide raw water for the University aquatic research.
  • Provide water softening for the University campus’ domestic water supply.
  • Provide deionized water for Crop Science and other campus research facilities.