Grounds Department

The Role of Grounds

Primarily plans and maintains all horticulture and soft landscaping on the main campus and provide snow clearing services for the main campus. 

Grounds will:

  • Regularly monitor and maintain campus green spaces, specialized garden areas/beds and trees
  • Provide outdoor litter control and maintain building entrance ways
  • Implement a goose control program for the University campus
  • Provide walkway, parking lot and roadway snow and ice clearing services
  • Install and maintain some outdoor signage across campus
  • Provide and maintain picnic tables
  • Maintain existing perimeter fencing
  • Provide services in support of special events held on campus such as the setup of directional signage, barricades and provision of extra outdoor garbage receptacles

Waste Management

Perform collection of regular waste, recycling, soils, brush, manure and special garbage according to City waste collection programs and regulations including:

  • Provision, installation and relocation of outdoor pedestrian garbage and recycling receptacles and outdoor garbage and recycling dumpsters
  • Collection of waste stored in outdoor garbage bins, outdoor recycling bins and special waste as requested
  • Collecting and composting of manure from the Ontario Veterinary College for use in campus gardens or disposal if necessary
  • Collection of loose litter across campus and around building entrance ways
  • Collection of waste from outdoor smoking urns

Other seasonal Grounds services offered to customers during regular hours of operation are as follows:

Spring, Summer, Fall Season Services

  • Cut grass, trim shrubs, plant and maintain flower beds, and provide health care to all plants on campus
  • Provide general health care for plants such as fertilizing and pest control and specific tree care such as cabling, bolting and pruning as necessary
  • Remove and replant shrubs and trees, including large trees. Cable, bolt, fertilize and prune trees where necessary
  • Remove debris from streets, sidewalks and terraces
  • Provide water for new trees. Provide sod and seed for minor needs and repairs
  • Plant flower beds and flower display pots around campus
  • Perform minor asphalt repairs
  • Maintain natural-turf athletic fields, including fertilizing, aerating and top dressing

Winter Season Services

  • Prioritize and perform snow and ice removal on roadways, sidewalks, pathways, building entrances, emergency exits, outdoor ramps, stairs, terraces and at bus stops as per the Grounds Snow Removal Program

Snow and ice removal encompasses the following:

  • Provision and application of de-icing materials where required
  • Identification and clearance of ice buildup on buildings where necessary
  • Prompt removal of snow and ice from walkways and entrances used by persons with special needs