Utility Shutdowns and Facility Service Disruption Notifications

January 2022

January 17th Building 003, power off to rooms 1674, 1681, 1673 and Corridor C1602 for receptacle installation.

January 14th Building 069, power off to lights and receptacles in several rooms on first floor from 7:00am until 8:00am.

January 14th Building 044 Corridor C1204 closed for plumbing installations.

January 13th until 14th Building 073, work on fire alarm system. Areas affected include main entrance, east wing atrium AT100 and lecture theatre 105L

January 13th Building 050, lighting repairs. Lighting will be off in main entrance, corridor leading up to main gym and inside main gym.

January 13th Building 049, several sinks out of service for eye wash station.installations.

January 13th Building 045, several sinks out of service for eye wash station.installations.

January 13th Building 044, several sinks out of service for eye wash station.installations.

January 11th until 14th Building 158, non-essential power will be off in UC 3 construction area..

January 11th Building 502, non-essential power will be off from 7:00am until 8:00am for breaker inspection.

January 11th Building 050, Red Pool lights, room 148 lights and receptacles will be off from 7:00am until 8:00am for breaker replacement. 

January 10th until 19th Building 044, epoxy flooring will be replaced in rooms 1531, 1543 and two Induction Rooms. One Induction room will always remain open during the course of this work.

January 10th until 14th Building 071, welding work being performed outside of on north section of first floor. Smoke detectors off in area for duration of work. Fire watch present.

January 10th until 12th Building 147, notice of cabling work being performed.

January 10th Building 069, power off to rooms 157Z, 157, 158, 160 and Corridor C108 for electrical work.

January 10th Building 044, lighting repairs will be performed using a scaffold. Access may be restricted periodically in Corridor C1407 and the Breezeway. 

January 8th Building 045, Women’s (WW2518) and Men’s (MW2515) second floor washrooms closed for audit from 9:00am until 12:00 noon.

January 7th Building 158, annual fire alarm testing. Bells will sound between 7:00am to 7:15am. No evacuation required.

January 6th until 11th Building 158, non-essential power will be off in a number of offices. Offices will be provided with temporary power supply.

January 6th Building 158, Level 0 Kitchen exhaust fans off for inspection work from 8:00am until 12:00pm.

January 6th Building 044, hot work will be performed in North Block, West Block, Penthouse 2294Z. Fire watch will be present.

January 4th until 10th Buildings 068 and 154, annual fire alarm testing. Bells will sound January 10th from 7:00am to 8:00am. No evacuation required.

October 2021 until January 2022

October 4th, 2021 until January 29, 2022, CCS Data Centre renovation will produce noise.

Future Annual Utilities Shutdowns

To provide the campus community with the opportunity to plan future activities, Physical Resources has developed a standard time frame for the annual electrical and steam systems maintenance shutdowns.
The shutdowns are necessary to perform essential preventive maintenance on these systems.


Yearly campus wide electrical shutdowns will take place each year on the last Saturday in April.
These shutdowns are to do preventive maintenance on our aging electrical infrastructure. The theory of course is that good preventive maintenance on critical equipment will minimize disruptive emergency outages. We ask that departments plan their activities well in advance and avoid these dates. These dates represent the least disruptive window of opportunity to do this work. Buildings will be without regular power for the duration of the shutdown. Emergency lighting, as provided by the campus essential power system, will not be affected. As the shutdown dates approach, we will issue more detailed information. Queries shall be directed to Doug Doel, Manager, Electrical Design, extension 53459 or email douglas@pr.uoguelph.ca.

Standardizing Shutdowns

Standardizing shutdown times will allow departments to plan their activities well in advance so as not to cause undue disruption. In particular, it is important that no major special events be planned during these shutdowns. Arranging temporary power or steam supplies is very expensive and generally will not be provided. If you have any questions or require any additional information please contact Steve Nyman, Director, Maintenance and Energy Services at extension 52014 or email snyman@pr.uoguelph.ca