Submit A Work Request

The Physical Resources Work Order desk is operating to accept work requests. However, due to social distancing initiative in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all work order requests must be made by email.  To submit a work request, please email  

If you have an Emergency relating to a University facility or a University vehicle on campus, please call Campus Community Police at 519-824-4120, at extension 52775. Please note, there may be a delay in response to your request.

Normal Maintenance, Repair Work and Services

Work Order Desk staff are primarily responsible for entering and issuing demand work orders for normal maintenance and repair work. Staff also process work orders requiring cost estimates for potential project work, and field calls for emergency repair services.

  • building heating and cooling.
  • building/room access systems.
  • building maintenance.
  • cleaning.
  • electrical systems.
  • grounds-keeping.
  • materials handling.
  • plumbing and pipe-fitting.
  • refrigeration.
  • snow removal.
  • waste management and recycling.