Signage and Hygiene Supplies: COVID-19

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COVID-19: Signage

Pre-printed Decals for Ordering

Adhesive decals should be stuck only to surfaces with a durable finish (e.g., doors, plastic laminate, glazing and not to painted drywall) so they can be peeled off with minimal issue. Floor decals should be used sparingly and watched for curling edges as they can become tripping hazards. In areas with smooth tiles, consider adding signage to walls. Decals will adhere well to carpet tile but not as well to smooth tile surfaces. 

Signs Usage Guidelines
Feet Icon  Physical Distancing Floor - Feet Icon (Red) part 5-PDF-R

Use these decals to help clarify how individuals should navigate a space to ensure 2m physical distancing is maintained.

Physical Distancing Floor Yellow Physical Distancing Floor - Feet Icon (Yellow) part 5-PDF-Y
Physical Distancing Wall or Floor Red Physical Distancing Wall or Floor - Head Icon (Red) part 6-PDWF-R
Physical Distancing Wall or Floor Yellow Physical Distancing Wall or Floor - Head Icon (Yellow) part 6-PDWF-Y
Physical Distancing Check Mark Physical Distancing "Check Mark" part 1-CHK

Use to designate an area that is usable.  For example, seats around a boardroom table or on the table in a break room.  When possible, use the check instead of the cross to present a more positive message.

Physical Distancing "Cross Mark" Physical Distancing "Cross" part 2-CRS

Use sparingly to designate areas that are not usable (e.g., a classroom seat in front of an instructor that would not allow 2m of distance)

Wait Here Yellow Wait Here (Yellow) part 4-WH-R

Use the Wait Here sign for the first three spaces in a queue. Consider using duct tape to mark additional spaces.

Wait Here Red Wait Here (Red) part 4-WH-R

Self Print Material
If printing and installing signs yourself, please add the signs to durable surfaces (e.g., doors, plastic laminate, glazing and not to painted drywall) whenever possible. If painted drywall surfaces are your only option, use green painters tape or push pins to minimize damage.

Signs Usage Guidelines
 No Congregating Sign No Congregating Post in open spaces where patrons may line up or tend to congregate.
This Area is Closed This Area is Closed Use to indicate an area that is restricted to employees or students.
Wear Your Mask Wear Your Mask These signs have already been posted on entrance doors and in some common areas.  Post as a reminder to wear a mask in common spaces. 
What to Do When You Are Sick What to do when you are sick Post in high traffic, communication areas such as message boards in coffee areas.
COVID-19 Self Assessment COVID-19 Self Assessment These signs have already been posted on main entrance doors.  If needed, post on alternate entrance doors.
When Using Shared Spaces Shared Spaces Add to any shared space (for example break rooms) commonly occupied in your department.
Meeting Room Safety Meeting Room Safety Add to any spaces commonly used as meeting spaces.
Break and Lunch Room Safety Break and Lunch Room Safety Post in areas that are commonly used for breaks or as a lunchroom.
Washroom Safety Washroom Safety Most washrooms on campus have been already been signed.  Add to washrooms if original sign is damaged or missing.
Maximum Occupancy Maximum Capacity Add to doors to indicate that masks must be worn. In the white box, use a black permanent marker to add the maximum number of people allowed in the space and maintain physical distance.

COVID-19: Personal Hygiene Supplies

19000002     Ear Loop Face Covering 3-Ply (50 per box)
19000003     Cone Shaped Non-Medical Face Mask (25 per pack) Currently Unavailable
19000006     Cone Shaped Non-Medical Face Mask (sold individually)
19000007     Reusable 3 Ply Face Covering (black)
19000009     Reusable Face Mask with Strings (no ear loops)
19000010     Reusable Face Covering (black)  Currently Unavailable
19000060     Reusable Black Triangular Face Covering
19000070     Level 1 Face Mask (50 per box)
19000091     Reusable Face Mask Filter  5 per pack
19000095     Reusable Face Mask
50454001     Small Nitrile Disposable Glove Powder Free 4 mil 100 per box
50454003     Medium Nitrile Disposable Glove Powder Free 4 mil 100 per box
50454005     Large Nitrile Disposable Glove Powder Free 4 mil 100 per box
50454007     X-Large Nitrile Disposable Glove Powder Free 4 mil 100 per box
Attention: There is a world-wide shortage of pump-style hand sanitizer containers. Please retain your containers for refilling. The Stockroom will be stocking large 3.78 Litre sanitizer to refill smaller containers.
11340369     Stoko Foam Hand Sanitizer Refill 1 Litre, 6 per case   for 11340368  Stoko Dispenser (see Dispensers)

19000008     Home Pearl Liquid Hand Soap 500 ml bottle

50340005     Hand Sanitizing Gel 60 ml squeeze bottle

50340008     Purell Hand Sanitizer with Aloe 236 ml pump bottle (currently out of stock)

19000001     Hand Sanitizer 80% Alcohol 60 ml

19000022     IC-Gel - Antiseptic Skin Gel 480 ml

19000026     GLS-550 Gel Hand Sanitizer pump bottle 1 litre

19000040     IC-Gel Hand Sanitizer 4 Litre Jug

Attention:  Physical Resources will install and maintain Hand Sanitizer Dispensing Systems in the vicinity of exterior building entrances, washrooms, classrooms and elevators.  If your situation requires additional hand sanitizer consider the procurement of a pump bottle or small, person bottle through the Stockroom at  Further concerns can be directed to Occupational Health and Wellness at

11340368     Stoko White Push Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

19000012     Germstar Wall Mount Touchless Dispenser  (White-Blue) 12111WHBL

19000014     Germstar Refill - Noro Maxi Pack 1,000 ml  20556

19000013     Germstar Counter Stand  (White) 80211W

19000015     Germstar Premium Floor Stand (White)  80121W

How to Order

The following information is required when ordering:

Order by phoning the Stockroom at extension 52469

Order by emailing the Stockroom at

Stockroom Location


Directions to the Physical Resources Stockroom

Stockroom Hours of Operation


Open Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.
Closed for lunch from 12:00 noon until 12:30 p.m.