Project Profile: South Residence Exterior Rehabilitation

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South Residence Exterior Rehabilitation Phase 4 of 6 Starting South Residence Exterior Rehabilitation Phase 4 of 6 Progress

Project Title: South Residence Exterior Rehabilitation, Phase 4 of 6

Project: 504717

Project Description: Replacement of the exterior systems (cladding, windows, doors) on 2 of 12 wings (per phase) of South Residence.  Includes the removal of the original balconies and dorm room heaters which becomes part of the interior space.

Construction Value: $6,220,000.00

Construction Completion Date: July 31, 2021

Prime Consultant: IRC Consulting Engineers

General Contractor: Harbridge & Cross

Physical Resources, Project Manager: Shane Danis

Physical Resources, Construction Coordinator: Yen Nguyen