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First time using our service? Not sure if we can move it? Simply email and our friendly Materials Handling staff will be happy to answer any questions and visit your workplace to assess the scope and complexity of your move. A pre-move assessment helps us coordinate a safe and efficient moving experience.

What We Move

  • Furniture and Furnishings: desks, tables, chairs, bookshelves, filing cabinets
  • Boxed items in Banker Box style boxes, securely closed and weigh no more than 30 lbs
  • Wheeled Recycling bins for office clean outs
  • Centralized E-Waste Pickup
  • Stockroom deliveries throughout campus
  • Deliveries to Satellite Campuses (excluding Ridgetown)

What We Don't Move

  • Any items where there are no elevators for transport
  • Any items where stairs are the only means of transport
  • Fume Hoods, speciality/sensitive lab equipment, or any equipment exceeding a value of $20,000
  • Special equipment that may require insurance
  • Fragile personal items

Directions to the Materials Handling Office

  • No charges are incurred for moving items on the Guelph Campus during 8:00am-4:00pm, Monday to Friday.  All after hour requests, overtime charges will apply.
  • If a move exceeds 2 hours to complete within a day, a base labour charge will apply for any additional time.
  • Any off-campus moves, fuel charge per kilometer will apply.
  • Charges may apply if other tradespeople are required to prepare items for moving.  For example, dismantling a desk or removing shelving. 
  • Please reach out to the Material Handlers as they can advise if the additional service is necessary.

Work Requests

  • Work requests are to be submitted 5 to 7 days in advance of your move as assistance may not be available due to high priority and/or previously scheduled events.
  • All Material Handling services MUST be scheduled through the Physical Resources Work Order Desk at
  • Once a request is submitted, you will be contacted by Material Handling staff for clarification if needed.

Moving Hours and Contact

  • Regular moving services are provided Monday to Friday, between 8:00am and 4:00pm. Any moved scheduled outside of this time is subject to overtime chargeable to the department.
  • A department member must be designated as a contact to ensure access to all areas is possible. Email and cell phone information is required.

Limited Service Dates

Material Handling services will be limited during the following annual events and time periods:

  • Convocation: The week of convocation, on a semi-annual basis
  • Orientation: The last week of August and first week of September
  • Home Coming Weekend
  • Alumni Weekend
  • Examinations: Fall Semester (December), Winter Semester (April)
  • College Royal Open House: March Break
  • Royal Winter Fair
  • Snow clearing operations may limit or impede scheduled deliveries

We can help you or your department with the following workspace clear out needs:

  • a pre-move clear out of unwanted furniture, furnishings, or waste
  • removing any unwanted furniture

Prior to an office move, please coordinate a pre-move assessment to assess what is required prior to the move. By emailing The Physical Resources Work Order Desk at

  • Material Handling will remove all unwanted furniture and furnishings.  They will also remove unwanted waste that cannot fit in a standard 30”x38” garbage bag.
  • Everything to be moved must be a labelled.  Please do not move anything to the hallways or stairways as Fire Code regulations prohibit this.
  • Obsolete or broken items will be recycled whenever possible.
  • Desks and chairs in good condition can be taken to the Furniture Swap Shop. Please refer to the U of G Furniture Swap program.
  • Material Handlers will provide departments with Fine Paper Bins for large amounts of fine paper.
  • Any smaller items to be moved must be placed in Banker Box style boxes and must not exceed 30 lbs.  Banker boxes can be procured though the Physical Resources Stockroom at


Recycling Cart E-waste Container  Bankers Box     
Recycling Carts Please note: Wednesdays are the designated day for delivery and pick-up of fine white paper bins and e-waste bins. 
However, drop off and pick-up service may be available on alternate days if urgent. Please fill the bin 3/4 full before calling for pick-up.

 Please note, hardcover books, binders, and plastic covers cannot be placed in fine white paper bins.
 For more recycling details, visit the Sustainability Office website.

30X38 Clear Garbage Bag 30X38 Recycling Bag

Custodial Services will provide 30 X 38 inch clear plastic bags for garbage and 30 X 38 inch blue plastic bags for recyclable materials.
Simply email These bags are to be labelled for removal by Custodial Services staff. 

In case you are not familiar with the Guelph Campus building names and coinciding numbers, follow the link  Main Campus Building Names & Numbers. Here you can reference the list of Guelph campus buildings in alphabetical order and in numerical order.

  • Label all items to be moved or disposed of, for those items to be moved. Please provide destination building number and room number.
  • Empty all desks, cabinets, bookshelves, and filing cabinets.
  • Keep all keys to filing cabinets and desks
  • If it fit’s in a box, then box it up in a Banker Box
  • Fill all boxes full, as half empty boxes will be crushed when stacked
  • Fold flaps and tape closed
  • Box weight should not exceed 30 lbs
  small and large file cabinets  

Some older buildings are not easily accessible past the main floor.  An external moving company is required to complete multi level moves in the buildings listed below:
Building 001, MacDonald Institute
Building 010, Drew Hall
Building 014, Blackwood Hall
Building 016, Day Hall
Building 022, Raithby House
Building 066, Alumni House

Your move may be beyond the scope of the services provided by Material Handling.  Also, your move may not be possible within the time frame required.  A mover from the approved supplier list can be used at the requesting parties cost. 
Follow this link to the list: 
Physical Resources External Service Providers

Matt Medeiros, Manager, Stockroom and Materials Handling:  Office ext. 53452   Cell 519-994-4490
Materials Handlers email:

Directions to the Materials Handling Office