Hygiene Supplies: COVID-19

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COVID-19: Personal Hygiene Supplies

COVID-19: Personal Hygiene Supplies (updated November 23, 2022)


Important Notice! 

N95 masks require a fit test prior to being issued by the Stockroom.  All departments must contact Environmental Health and Safety at ehs@uoguelph.ca for a fit test and guidance as to who is elligable to receive an N95 mask from the Stockroom.. 

19000006     KN95 Face Mask (sold individually)
19000070     Level 3 Face Mask ASTM Rated (50 per box)
Attention: There is a world-wide shortage of pump-style hand sanitizer containers. Please retain your containers for refilling. The Stockroom will be stocking large 3.78 Litre sanitizer to refill smaller containers.

19000001     Hand Sanitizer 80% Alcohol 60 ml

19000022     Synergy Hand Sanitizer pump bottle 250 ml
19000026     Synergy Hand Sanitizer pump bottle 1.5 litre
Attention:  Physical Resources will install and maintain Hand Sanitizer Dispensing Systems in the vicinity of exterior building entrances, washrooms, classrooms and elevators.  If your situation requires additional hand sanitizer consider the procurement of a pump bottle or small, person bottle through the Stockroom at stockroom@pr.uoguelph.ca.  Further concerns can be directed to Occupational Health and Wellness at  ohw@uoguelph.ca.

11340368     Stoko White Push Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

19000012     Germstar Wall Mount Touchless Dispenser  (White-Blue) 12111WHBL

19000014     Germstar Refill - Noro Maxi Pack 1,000 ml  20556

19000013     Germstar Counter Stand  (White) 80211W

How to Order

The following information is required when ordering:

Order by phoning the Stockroom at extension 52469

Order by emailing the Stockroom at stockroom@pr.uoguelph.ca

Stockroom Location


Directions to the Physical Resources Stockroom

Stockroom Hours of Operation


Open Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.
Closed for lunch from 12:00 noon until 12:30 p.m.