Design, Engineering and Construction

Architectural Design

Architectural design staff provide consulting support regarding interior design, architectural design and facilities planning.

Mechanical and Electrical Design

Mechanical Design and Electrical Design staff review construction drawings for renovations and additions to campus buildings and services in accordance with U of G standard specifications. Staff also update existing drawings.

Construction Coordination

Construction Coordination staff perform engineering functions such as the design review, construction coordination and representation of the University on large building and renovation projects.

Project Management

Project Management staff are responsible for managing primarily those projects whose scope is detailed and complex with budgets in excess of 500,000 and ensure projects remain on budget and schedule during all phases of the project.

Space and Facility Renewal

In general, Space and Facility Renewal staff are responsible for management, analysis and reporting of campus space and  capital planning.

Master Planning

The Campus Master Plan describes the history of the Campus and provides guidelines for future development.

Meet the Director of Design, Engineering and Construction

For more information regarding projects contact the Design, Engineering and Construction Information Desk at extension 52011 or 52548.