Parking Services

Parking Services

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The Department develops parking policies, procedures and the parking and traffic regulations. This includes initiating controls to safeguard the University’s legal liability and contractual obligations with regular users and outside agencies engaged to support this function. 

The University of Guelph is private property and thus reserves the right to control parking and traffic on the campus. Parking and Traffic Regulations are available for downloaded at

Parking Services will:

  • Administer more than 5,000 parking spaces on campus
  • Manage vehicle registration and related accounting procedures, and includes parking fine and meter collections, and supervision of pay-as-you-park lots.
  • Maintain and repair existing parking lots and equipment
  • Repair roadways and sidewalks
  • Provide lighting in parking lots
  • Provide bicycle racks and covered bike shelters
  • Provide parking and traffic related signage
  • Provide and maintain outdoor emergency telephones
  • Provide bus shelters
  • Act as the University liaison with various transit carriers including GO Transit, Guelph Transit and Greyhound Bus Lines