Main Campus Utility Shutdowns and Facility Service Disruption Notifications & Bulletins

May 2021

May 2nd OVC Buildings, Annual Electrical Shutdown - Preliminary Notice

May 1st Numerous Campus Buildings Annual Electrical Shutdown - Preliminary Notice

March 2021

March 9th Until 11th Building 012 Fan Replacement (AC1, AC2, EF1 and EF2)

March 3rd Until 12th Walkway Repairs in Campus Bus Loop Area

March 2nd Ubtil 31st Building 046 Entrance, Access Restricted due to Renovation

March 2nd Building 183 HV3, AC2, EF38 and EF2

March 2nd Building 012 HVAC

March 1st Until April 30th Building 158 Elevator 050 and North Access Point Closed for Work

March 1st Building 075 Red Rink Lighting

February 2021

February 26th Building 025 Non-Essential Power

February 25th Until 26th Building 089 Fire Alarm Testing

February 25th Building 068 Elevator 11 Out of Service for Testing

February 22nd Until 26th Building 069 Exit Sign Replacement

February 22nd Until 26th Building 073 Smoke Alarm Testing

February 22nd Building 050 Notice of Work

February 18th Buildings 069 and 075 All Water - Repair of Water Main

February 18th Until 22nd building 001 Main Floor Corridor Access Restricted

February 20th Building 044 and 045 Oxygen Gas

February 20th Building 045 Domestic Water and Fire Protection Standpipe Water

February 20th Building 045 Potable and Non-potable Water

February 19th Building 172 Power in Kitchen and Cafe Area

February 19th Building 147 Fire Alarm Testing

February 19th Building 037 Fire Alarm System

February 18th Buildings 165 and 174 Essential Power

February 18th Building 068 Elevator 11 Out of Service for Testing

February 18th Building 058 Fire Alarm Testing

February 18th Building 057 Fire Alarm Testing

February 18th Building 031 AC6

February 18th Building 026 Elevator E02 Out of Service for Testing

February 17th Building 066 Fire Alarm Testing

February 17th Until 19th Building 158 AC8 and EF8

February 17th Building 073 Exhaust Fans and Strobic Fan

February 17th Building 072 Elevator E31 Out of Service for Testing

February 17th Building 072 Elevator E30 Out of Service for Testing

February 17th Building 049 AC-1 and AC-1A

February 17th Building 035 Compressed Air

February 16th Building 032 Fire Alarm Testing

February 16th Until 19th Building 183 H.V.A.C. Cleaning

February 16th Building 401 Pump House Power and Chilled Water Tank

February 16th Building 158 Hoarding setup for Floor Work

February 16th Building 070 Essential Lighting and Power and Elevator in Animal Wing

February 16th Building 059 Elevator Out of Service for Testing

February 16th Building 028 Elevator E17 Out of Service for Testing

February 12th Building 070 Power to Receptacles in Rooms 60, 65, 68, 71 ad 72 

February 12th Building 070 Freezer Room Power

February 12th Building 031 Power

February 11th Until 26th Building 026 First Floor Mechanical Room Work

February 11th and 12th Building 081 and 081 Fire Alarm Testing

February 11th Building 070 Bio Bubble Room Power

February 11th Building 070 Anumal Wing Mechanical Equipment

February 11th Building 028 Fire Alarm System

February 10th Building 142 Main Entrance (west side) Closed for Heater Maintenance

February 10th Building 082 and 083 Fire Alarm Testing

February 10th Building 070 Animal Wing Clam Room Power

February 10th Building 031 Non-potable Hot Water

February 10th Building 001 Crane Present for Delivery at Noth Loading Dock

February 9th Building 072 Mountain Hall Domestic Hot Water

February 9th Building 049 AC1 and AC1A

February 8th until 9th Building 014  Fire Alarm Testing

February 6th Until 7th Building 044 First Floor HVAC Inspection

February 6th Building 070 Animal Wing Power and Mechanical Equipment

February 6th Building 037 Lighting, Power and mechanical Equipment

February 5th Building 183 HVAC

February 5th Building 079 Essential Power

February 5th Buildings 073, 928 and 021 Power

February 5th Building 028 Fire Alarm Testing

February 3rd Until 4th Building 014 Fire Alarm Testing

February 3rd Building 031 Steam and Heating

February 2nd Building 070 Power, Meat Wing Area

February 1st until 5th Building 044 Fire Alarm System

February 1st Until 3rd Building 075 Gold Rink Work

February 1st Building 026 Fire Alarm Testing

On-going Shutdowns and Service Disruptions

January 18th Until February 19th Building 070 Standby Electrical Power

January 4th Until March 1st Parking Lot P25, Buildings 045, 049, 089 and 174 Chilled Water Main Replacement

December 14th Until April 21 Building 051 Exterior Cladding

December 14th Until January 29th Notice of Work, Mechanical Installations

August 31st Until February 26th 2021 Building 001 Kitchen Work

October 7th 2019 Until March 9th 2021 Building 068 MacKinnon Building Construction and Renovations 

Future Annual Utilities Shutdowns

To provide the campus community with the opportunity to plan future activities, Physical Resources has developed a standard time frame for the annual electrical and steam systems maintenance shutdowns.
The shutdowns are necessary to perform essential preventive maintenance on these systems.


Yearly campus wide electrical shutdowns will take place each year on the last Saturday in April.
These shutdowns are to do preventive maintenance on our aging electrical infrastructure. The theory of course is that good preventive maintenance on critical equipment will minimize disruptive emergency outages. We ask that departments plan their activities well in advance and avoid these dates. These dates represent the least disruptive window of opportunity to do this work. Buildings will be without regular power for the duration of the shutdown. Emergency lighting, as provided by the campus essential power system, will not be affected. As the shutdown dates approach, we will issue more detailed information. Queries shall be directed to Doug Doel, Manager, Electrical Design, extension 53459 or email

Standardizing Shutdowns

Standardizing shutdown times will allow departments to plan their activities well in advance so as not to cause undue disruption. In particular, it is important that no major special events be planned during these shutdowns. Arranging temporary power or steam supplies is very expensive and generally will not be provided. If you have any questions or require any additional information please contact Steve Nyman, Director, Maintenance and Energy Services at extension 52014 or email