Main Campus Utility Shutdowns and Facility Service Disruption Notifications & Bulletins

January 2020

January 11th Building 044, 183 and 174 Steam

December 2019

December 27th Building 044 and 183 Power

December 27th Building 044 and 049 Power

December 20th, 2019 Until January 2nd, 2020 The Annual Campus Christmas Ventilation Setback
Our annual Christmas ventilation setback is scheduled to run from 4:00 p.m. Friday, December 20th, 2019 until 7:00 a.m. Thursday, January 2nd, 2020 . The ventilation in many areas will be reduced or turned off, as we normally do overnight and on weekends. Heating will be maintained in all buildings, but will be set back in some buildings which will be vacant for the holidays. Animal holding areas will be maintained as usual.

Please share this information with the staff in your department and advise on the following:
1. Are there any areas in your department that can be shut down prior to December 20th?
2. Do you have any special ventilation requirements during the holiday period?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, please send the details to the attention of Paul Casey by Friday, December 13th, 2019 at the following email address:
Details can also be sent by the following methods: Fax to 519-826-5281, Campus mail to Control Centre, Maintenance Building 1.

December 21st Building 044 Water

December 19th Building 044 Hot and Cold Water and Heating

December 19th Building 070 Fume Hoods

December 19th Building 070 AC14 and AC15

December 19th Building 049 Sprinkler

December 18 Until 19th P49 Hydrant

December 18th Until 19th Building 012 Fire Alarm Testing

December 18th Until January 3rd Fire Supression System Testing

December 18th Building 140 AC3

December 18th Building 140 AC4

December 18th Building 140 AC12

December 18th Building 038 and 088 Power

December 18th Building 031, 048, 084 Power

December 17th Until 19th Building 051 Ceiling Painting

December 17th Building 158 Air

December 17th Building 088 AC1 and AC1A

December 17th Building 040 AC1 and EF1

December 17th West Side of Campus Power

December 16th Until 20th Building 073 Fire Alarm Testing

December 16th Until 20th Building 050 Fan Work

December 16th Until 20th Building 031 North Elevator 37 Fire Protection Temporarily Out of Service

December 16th Until 20th Building 031 West Elevator Fire Protection Temporarily Out of Service

December 16th Until 20th Building 007 Changeroom

December 16th Until 19th Building 158 UC Level 0 Kitchen Power

December 16th Until 17th Building 180 Hydrant

December 16 Until 17th OVC Buildings Essential Power

December 16th Building 159 AC15

December 16th Building 140 AC16

December 16th Building 071 AC2 and AC4

December 16th Building Building 049 AC1 and AC1A

December 12th Building 232 Power

December 12th Building 012 Fire Sprinkler Replacement

December 11th Campus Deionized Water Until Repaired
This is required in order to fix a leak in the tunnels on the deionized water line.
Please contact Dave Bezanson at 519-220-8741 with any questions.

December 11th Building 073 Power

December 10th Building 178 Power

December 10th Building 075 Hot Water

December 8th Building 049 AC3

December 7th Until 14th Building 140 and 073 Loading Dock Temporary Access Restriction

December 7th Building 021 AC1 Notice of Work

December 6th Building 186 Fire Alarm Testing

December 5th Building 159 Water and Heating

December 5th Building 069 Water and Heating

December 5th Building 057 Water and Heating

December 5th Building 016 Water and Heating

December 5th Buildings 044, 048 and 183 Water

December 5th Building 068 Power

December 5th Building 068 Fire Alarm

December 4th Until 11th Building 073 and 140 Loading Dock and Freight Elevator Closed for Furniture Move

December 4th Until 5th Building 044, 049 and 183 Fire Hydrant Replacement

December 4th Until 5th Building 088 Fire Alarm Testing

December 4th Building 154 Water and Heating

December 4th Building 068 Water and Heating

December 4th Building 049 Sprinkler

December 4th Building 044 Fire Alarm Testing

December 3rd, 4th and 5th Building 140 Elevators 71 and 75 Temporarily Out of Service 

December 3rd, 4th and 5th Building 050 Elevator 90 Temporarily Out of Service

December 2nd Until 13th Building 044 Stall Painting

December 2nd Until 3rd Buildings 181 and 186 Fire Hydrant Replacement

December 3rd Until 31st Buildings 038 and 056 Outdoor Hoarding for Underground Work

December 3rd Until 13th Building 091 Work

December 3rd Building 068 Hot Water

December 3rd Buildings 181 and 186 Domestic Water

November 2019 - 2020 

November 21st 2019 Until August 31st 2020 Building 068 Electrical Supply in Area under Construction

Smith Lane Sidewalk Closure
For safety reasons a portion of the sidewalk along Smith Lane where it intersects with College Avenue will be closed due to construction activities currently underway at the Former VMI Building 046. Closure signage will be posted at the sidewalk.
Closure is effective immediately until an anticipated re-opening in the spring of 2020 when the sidewalk signage will be removed.

November 20th Until December 22nd Buildings 069 and 079 Access to Loading Dock Parrtially Restricted

November 19th Until Early December 2019 Arboretum Road Temporarily Closed
The Arboretum Road main entry point on College Avenue will be temporarily closed due to maintenance beginning Tuesday, November 19th for approximately two weeks. The parking area will remain accessible through an alternate route off of Victoria Road. See the attached layout indicating the alternate route. Directional signs will also be posted.
Questions or concerns can be directed to Eric LaFontaine, Construction Coordinator, Office: 519-824-4120 Extension: 56436 or

November 14th Until January 31st Building 073 Fire Alarm System

November 14th Until January 10th Buildings 038, 040 and 081Power

November 14th Until December 31st Building 071 3rd Floor Work

November 4th Until December 20th Building 056 Work


October 2019 Until January 2020

October 9th Until January 6th 2020 Building 050 Athletics Building, Roof Work

October 2019 Until March 2021

October 7th 2019 Until March 9th 2021 Building 068 MacKinnon Building Construction and Renovations 

April 2019 Until August 2020

April 29th 2019 Until August 2020 Building 046 Partial Closure for Construction

Future Annual Utilities Shutdowns

To provide the campus community with the opportunity to plan future activities, Physical Resources has developed a standard time frame for the annual electrical and steam systems maintenance shutdowns.
The shutdowns are necessary to perform essential preventive maintenance on these systems.


Yearly campus wide electrical shutdowns will take place each year on the last Saturday in April.
These shutdowns are to do preventive maintenance on our aging electrical infrastructure. The theory of course is that good preventive maintenance on critical equipment will minimize disruptive emergency outages. We ask that departments plan their activities well in advance and avoid these dates. These dates represent the least disruptive window of opportunity to do this work. Buildings will be without regular power for the duration of the shutdown. Emergency lighting, as provided by the campus essential power system, will not be affected. As the shutdown dates approach, we will issue more detailed information. Queries shall be directed to Doug Doel, Manager, Electrical Design, extension 53459 or email

Standardizing Shutdowns

Standardizing shutdown times will allow departments to plan their activities well in advance so as not to cause undue disruption. In particular, it is important that no major special events be planned during these shutdowns. Arranging temporary power or steam supplies is very expensive and generally will not be provided. If you have any questions or require any additional information please contact Steve Nyman, Director, Maintenance and Energy Services at extension 52014 or email