Custodial Services - Organization Overview

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Managers and Department Roles

Joyce Yang, Custodial Services Area Manger, D1 (Residence)
Maria Medeiros, Custodial Services Area Manager, D2 (Residence)
Will Taylor, Custodial Services Area Manager, D4 
Mary Bridgeman, Custodial Services Area Manager, D5
Danna-Lee Peters, Custodial Services Area Manager, D6

Sylvie Nadon, Custodial Services Area Manager, N1
Marco Plozzer, Custodial Services Area Manager, N6

Custodial Services Responsibilities:

  • All Emergency and Special Event Cleaning
  • Clean: Offices, Laboratories, Classrooms, Lecture Theatres, Common Areas
  • Clean and Polish Non-Carpeted Floors
  • Clean and Sanitize OVC Hospitals and Facilities
  • Clean, Sanitize and Restock Washrooms
  • Waste and Recycling Management
  • Interior Relamping