Business Operations - Organization Overview

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Claudia Runciman, Director Business Operations, Finance and Administration

Managers and Department Roles

Melanie Howarth, Manager, Human Resources & Administration

  • Human Resources

Evan Campbell Manager Capital Accounting

  • Major Capital and Renovation Accounting
  • DEC Administrative Support

Matt Lawrie, Manager, Accounting and Administrative Operations

  • Operating Budgets Accounting
  • Work Order Desk

Ben Charbonneau Manager, Transportation Services

  • U of G Vehicles: Procurement & Replacement
  • Licensing and Insurance
  • Preventive Maintenance, Repairs and Service-calls
  • On campus Fuel Dispensing

Dave Horne, Manager, Stockroom and Materials Handling

  • Parts & Supply Receiving
  • Maintenance Parts & Supply Inventory
  • Minor Departmental Supply
  • Inventory
  • Materials Handling

Chris Payne, Manager, IT Services

  • Server Infrastructure Support & Procurement
  • Data Management
  • Electronic Access

Shannon Talbot, Manager, Parking Administration

  • Parking Management & Operations

John Reinhart, Manager, Grounds

  • Soft Landscaping Maintenance
  • Athletic Field Maintenance
  • Snow and Ice Removal
  • Outdoor Waste Management
  • Pest Control