Building Readiness and Ventilation

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Following guidance from Health Canada, and our local Public Health Unit,  Maintenance and Energy Services is making several adjustments to mechanical systems to ensure they continue running to high quality standards.

  • Adjusting air handling unit schedules to increase run time.
  • Increasing relative humidity in buildings to a minimum of 40% where possible.
  • For units using mixed air, running as much outside air is practically possible within climate limits.  Many air handling units that supply make up air for fume hood systems run 24/7 using 100% outside air, as do HVAC units in science buildings. 
  • Measuring and comparing carbon dioxide levels within a building to outside air assessing ventilation levels in real time. 
  • Implementing a building purge cycle using outside air to reset ventilation.
  • Encouraging employees to open windows where practical and safe.

Guelph Campus Building Ventilation Measures (Revised August 12th, 2021)

Guelph Campus Classroom HVAC Strategy (Revised October 28th, 2021)

With many unique systems on campus, specific concerns or questions can be directed to the Work Order Desk at