Custodial Services Department

Role of Custodial Services 

  • Perform general cleaning duties within offices, classrooms, public areas, cafeterias etc.
  • Collect and remove non-hazardous waste generated from offices, labs, classrooms, cafeterias, washrooms to the appropriate outdoor waste receptacles
  • Collect and remove recyclable waste to the appropriate outdoor recyclable waste receptacles as per the University’s recycling program
  • Collect spent lamps and other designated waste through the appropriate waste stream
  • Clean, disinfect and restock washrooms across campus on a daily basis
  • Perform specialized tasks which maintain the sanitary condition of specialized areas within campus buildings such as swimming pools and shower facilities, veterinary hospital clinic areas and operating rooms, the Human Anatomy Lab, the Child Care Centre etc.
  • Provide cleaning services in preparation for, during, and after special events held on campus such as Campus Days, convocation, sporting events, weddings, and conferences held while school is in session
  • Provide 7 day a week services for events run by Conference Services and Athletics while school is not in session including the cleaning and related maintenance of residence rooms, classrooms, common areas, cafeterias etc.
  • Ensure that current regular services are supplemented when requested and/or agreed upon. These services include, but are not limited to restorative cleaning tasks such as re-finishing resilient tile floors, steam cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture, stain removal, scrubbing washrooms, overhead cleaning, and other activities that cannot take place during regular operational hours
  • Provide first response service for flood cleanups including water extraction and dehumidification of wet building materials and contents, and advise when external service providers should be contacted to assist
  • Perform re-lamping services in most areas of campus buildings
  • Submit identified building defects and/or safety issues to the work order desk
  • Provide information and recommendations to construction consultants and contractors regarding building fabric choices, and provide pre-occupancy cleaning services in newly completed buildings and renovations prior to occupancy
  • Perform various overhead tasks requiring the use of scaffolding or large ladders
  • Provide support to the Grounds Department and the Maintenance and Energy Services Department through use and operation of an 80ft lift-boom unit

Pest Control

  • Provision of pest control services performed by a licensed pest control technician following Integrated Pest Management Program practices to control wildlife, stinging insects, birds, bats, ants, rodents, etc. The service is provided in a timely and humane manner
  • Provide specific pest control information to students, faculty and staff
  • Work in cooperation with Student Housing Services, Hospitality Services, the Ontario Veterinary College, the Animal Science and Nutrition abattoir and the Grounds Department regarding pest control requirements
  • Make recommendations to departments on appropriate prevention techniques and work in conjunction with the Structural Shop to eliminate access points to prevent pest re-infestations

Window Cleaning

  • Perform window cleaning at various heights from both the inside and outside of most campus buildings.

Truck Mount Steam Cleaning

  • Provide carpet cleaning service
  • Perform upholstery cleaning services
  • Perform entrance mat cleaning during winter months
  • Assist in flood cleanup

Student Residences - Facility Support Services 

Provide required cleaning services that meet the specific needs of student residences on campus.

Facility Support Services will also:

  • Perform complete cleaning of residence bathroom and shower facilities
  • Perform student room turnover cleaning during fall and winter semesters
  • Perform thorough cleaning of all student rooms throughout summer months