Main Campus Facility Service Disruption Notifications & Bulletins

April 2017

April 29th and April 30th Annual 2017 Campus Electrical Shutdown
Please be advised that Physical Resources will be conducting its Annual Campus Electrical Shutdown over two days this year; Saturday & Sunday, April 29 & 30, 2017 daily from 7:00am until approximately 7:00pm.

Carefully read the attached shutdown notices listing the buildings affected each day. Essential/emergency power and lighting, as provided by the campus essential power system, will not be affected.  Chilled water may be limited during this time, therefore critical systems with cold water back-up capability will be switched over.  Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and hot water will not be available. In addition, building elevators will be locked out of service.

No other maintenance or construction activity will be permitted on campus during this shutdown.
Access to all campus buildings should be restricted, other than for security reasons.

Any queries should be directed to:
Justin Selby, Senior Construction Co-ordinator, Extension 56918, Email: and
Rick Legault, Senior Construction Co-ordinator, Extension 52015, Email:

April 29th Campus Electrical Shutdown (Buildings not affected)

April 30th Campus Electrical Shutdown (Buildings affected)

February 21st until April 30th Building 071 2nd Floor Renovations

April 20th until 26th Building 031 Lighting Retrofits

April 19th until May 3rd Building 071 Window Replacements

April 19th Buildng 044 Fire Alarm System

April 18th Ramp Access Temporarily Closed at McLaughlin Library
Beginning Tuesday, April 18th, access to the walkway ramp leading up to the front of McLaughlin Library (Building 071) will be temporarily prohibited due to the removal of existing windows and installation of new windows.  This work will continue each day from 7 am until 5 pm until Wednesday, May 3rd.
During the identified time period a fence will be erected on the walkway ramp along the east elevation of the McLaughlin Library to ensure the safety of pedestrians.  A 4’ strip of ramp will be maintained for accessibility.  There will be caution tape across the ramp, however, a spotter will be available to remove the caution tape to provide access to persons who are unable to use the stairs.
Any questions or concerns can be directed to Leah Rossini, Construction Coordinator at extension 56935.

April 17th until 21st East Ring Road Light Pole Replacement

April 17th until 20th Parking Lots 14 and 15 Light Pole Replacements

April 17th Building 069 AC 8 and AC9

Future Annual Utilities Shutdowns

To provide the campus community with the opportunity to plan future activities, Physical Resources has developed a standard time frame for the annual electrical and steam systems maintenance shutdowns.
The shutdowns are necessary to perform essential preventive maintenance on these systems.


Commencing in 2007, the yearly campus wide electrical shutdowns will take place each year on the last Saturday in April. The dates for the following years will be:

2009 - April 25
2010 - May 01
2011 - No Electrical Shutdown
2012 - April 28
2013 - April 27
2014 - April 26
2015 - April 25
2016 - April 30

These shutdowns are to do preventive maintenance on our aging electrical infrastructure. The theory of course is that good preventive maintenance on critical equipment will minimize disruptive emergency outages. We ask that departments plan their activities well in advance and avoid these dates. These dates represent the least disruptive window of opportunity to do this work. Buildings will be without regular power for the duration of the shutdown. Emergency lighting, as provided by the campus essential power system, will not be affected. As the shutdown dates approach, we will issue more detailed information. Queries shall be directed to Doug Doel, Manager, Electrical Design, extension 53459 or email

Standardizing Shutdowns

Standardizing shutdown times will allow departments to plan their activities well in advance so as not to cause undue disruption. In particular, it is important that no major special events be planned during these shutdowns. Arranging temporary power or steam supplies is very expensive and generally will not be provided. If you have any questions or require any additional information please contact Steve Nyman, Director, Maintenance and Energy Services at extension 54881 or email

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